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Talk GPT

Talk to ChatGPT in your language and listen to responses in a human-like voice.

The app is currently available only on Google Play store. IOS  will coming soon!
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What is Talk GPT?

Introducing Talk GPT, the app that lets you have intelligent conversations with ChatGPT in your own language. With Talk GPT, you can easily translate ChatGPT's responses into your language of choice with just one click.

Talk GPT also comes equipped with advanced voice reading technology, allowing you to listen to ChatGPT's responses in any of the 60 supported languages with natural, human-like voices. This makes it the perfect tool for language learners, international travelers, or anyone looking to improve their communication skills.

With Talk GPT, you can have engaging and natural conversations with a virtual assistant that understands and speaks your language. It's like having your own personal voice assistant at your fingertips.

Try Talk GPT today and experience the future of artificial intelligence and language translation. You'll be amazed by its ability to hold intelligent conversations and provide accurate translations in real-time.

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