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Your clients are stiil touching their phones while driving?

 Upgrade to BlueTo-Car and allow them to enjoy a safe drive

BlueTo-Car is a dedicated version adapted to in-vehicle multimedia systems, enabling car manufacturers to provide a full and built-in voice assistant experience within the multimedia system.

BlueTo-Car  Performs integration with the driver's mobile device and allows him to perform a variety of unique actions during the ride.


BlueTo-Car is a compatible version to multimedia car systems that allows car makes to provide a personal voice assistant built in to .the multimedia

BlueTo-Car connects to the drivers smartphone and allows to do anything while driving.

BlueTo-Car upgrades the experience of driving 

Gas Stations

Navigate to the closest gas station or conveniance store while driving and pay via voice activation

Food & Drinks

Order food & drinks on the go 

Book appointments

Automatically book appointments

Parking Services

Find an empty parking spot and automatically pay when finished 

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